about us

Our Hungarian- Dutch owned international kindergarten, ‘Tulipán Gyermekkert’ is a Licensed Preschool Program Provider. You can find us in the greenbelt area in the 3rd district of Budapest. The kindergarten operates out of a house with a large garden.


It is highly probable that the children who live in Hungary will go to school in this country. Hence, although we provide multicultural environment, the conversational language is Hungarian in accordance with the requirements of the Hungarian education system. Our kindergarten teachers and contributors speaks at least one foreign language as English, Dutch, German or French, some of them are multilingual. According to our initiatives, a Native Dutch kindergarten teacher will join us.


The cornerstone of our pedagogy programme is to foster healthy lifestyle. We find it important to teach the basics at an early age. We focus on promoting health, providing nutritious meals, and preventing illnesses. Through games and playing, we teach kids why these things are essential.


Since we think that language skills acquired in childhood is highly valuable we provide foreign language programmes. During the elaboration of our program we kept in mind that for children with foreign background it is advantageous to get acquainted with the Hungarian culture and language, and that for Hungarian children it is also beneficial to become familiar with languages and other cultures.


Based on our nearly 20 years pedagogical experience we introduce the monthly event ‘Tulipán Kávéház’. This gathering is like a coffe house talk where you can ask pedagogical experts or psychologists about nurturing issues and mental hygiene in general. Occasionally we invite a pediatrician. In these talks, parents can acquire useful information about the prevention of seasonal infectious diseases. The coffee is of course free.


Our aim is to provide a relaxed environment where the children can enjoy their pre-school years in harmony. We elaborated our program in such a way that it corresponds with the needs of the children in different age groups. In this way, we can help them to be open minded and healthy while they develop skills such as good and effective communication and the ability to form their own opinion. These skills are proven to be beneficial in school.